TrafiSense - Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensors

ITS-Series Rail

Intelligent thermal camera for public transportation safety

The FLIR ITS-Series Rail is an integrated thermal camera and detector for obstacle detection in public transportation environments. The FLIR ITS-Series Rail camera does not need light to operate, but uses thermal energy emitted from obstacles to detect vehicles, people and large animals in the darkest of nights, over a long range and in the most difficult weather conditions. The result is reliable, 24/7 detection for a wide range of applications.

Platform, Tunnel and Track Safety

The FLIR ITS-Series Rail is a cost-effective solution for the detection of people falling off a platform, entering a tunnel or walking on rail tracks. The system uses advanced detection algorithms in order to accurately detect people without being triggered by unwanted objects like small animals or passing trains.

Obstacle Detection at Level Crossings

The FLIR ITS-Series Rail can be used to prevent collisions by detecting vehicles that are stuck on a level crossing and blocking the passage of an approaching train. The intelligent thermal sensor will transmit its detection information over contact closures or over a TCP/IP network to a control room, where the detection event and live thermal video is shown. This information can be used by an operator to decide whether an oncoming train must be stopped or slowed down.

Fire Detection in Tunnels

Fires in railway tunnels, caused by the electrical systems, are always an actual risk. The calibrated FLIR ITS-Series Rail camera can measure the temperature of any object in its field of view, which allows it to detect fires at an early stage. The camera does not need to make physical contact with smoke or heated gasses to be able to detect excessive heat caused by fire or other malfunctions. As a result, fire is detected within seconds of ignition, long before it is capable of triggering any traditional fire detection system. The camera’s smart video analytics take into account multiple parameters such, as size, dynamics, growth rate, movement, etc..., resulting in unprecedented fire detection accuracy.