TrafiSense - Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensors


Thermal fire sensor for rolling stock

The FLIR RSX-F is an intelligent sensor that provides advanced, non-contact fire detection on passenger and cargo trains. Combining a Lepton™ thermal imager, HD camera, and advanced on-board analytics, FLIR RSX-F can detect fires more quickly than conventional sensors, while also performing with lower false alarm rates.

Advanced, dynamic fire detection

FLIR RSX-F not only detects and recognizes a rapid rise in temperature, but also the size of a fire and the movement of hotspots. And because it can filter out unwanted temperature events—such as the lighting of a cigarette—FLIR RSX-F also reduces the rate of false alarms.

Thermal and HD Color video surveillance

By generating both thermal and HD Color video feeds, the FLIR RSX-F can also function as an onboard security and passenger monitoring system. Multiple units can be easily integrated into a fully redundant setup or networked for total coverage.

Easy, discrete installation

The FLIR RSX-F is designed for quick installation on a train coach. The sensor can be firmly mounted on a wall or ceiling, tilted up to 45° for the best viewing angle, and is compliant with all necessary rail standards.

Detects passengers for seat occupancy

The FLIR RSX-F also captures the heat signature of train passengers to determine seat occupancy. This allows rail operators to optimize passenger flow on platforms, and even adjust the HVAC system appropriately.