Traffic Data

FLIR detectors provide standard traffic data -volume, speed, occupancy, classification, gap time, traffic flow speed, zone occupancy...- which can be used for statistical purposes.

Flow Monitoring

Congestion within and through the large metropolitan areas continues to increase and limit mobility. Accurately monitoring the average flow speed helps to distinguish different levels of service (e.g. fluid, dense, congested, queue). Other applications are queue monitoring during road-works and calculating travel time based on flow information from the VIP detectors.

Automatic Incident Detection

FLIR technology guarantees fast detection of stopped vehicles or wrong-way drivers which speeds up intervention and thus saves lives.


Detection and Monitoring Solutions for Road Traffic Applications:


Thermal imaging cameras for traffic monitoring

The FLIR FC-Series cameras are equipped with a maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector that produces accurate images on which the smallest detail can be seen.


D-Series ITS

Thermal Traffic Cameras
In Outdoor Dome Enclosures

D-Series thermal imaging cameras make it possible to observe traffic clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. The D-Series outdoor dome enclosure provides precision pan/tilt control.


PT-Series ITS

Multi-Sensor for Traffic Monitoring Applications

PT-Series ITS thermal imaging cameras allow you to monitor traffic clearly in total darkness, in bad weather and over a long range. It's pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns.


AID Boards

Multi-functional video detection boards

VIP boards integrate automatic incident detection, data collection, recording of pre and post incident image sequences and streaming video in one board.



ITS-Series AID

Intelligent Thermal Camera for Automatic Incident Detection

FLIR ITS-Series AID cameras combine best-in-class thermal imaging technology with advanced video analytics to provide a complete solution for automatic incident detection, data collection and early fire detection.


TrafiCam Series

Vehicle Presence Sensor

The TrafiCam series of vehicle presence sensors combines a CMOS camera and video detector in one. Used for detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections.



Video Detection Management Software

Flux is an intelligent software platform for use with a FLIR video detection system. Flux collects traffic data, events, alarms and video images generated by the video detectors.


Cameleon ITS

Transportation Monitoring and Management Software

Cameleon ITS is a central software platform for transportation monitoring and management that allows for the control of ITS-specific devices, including cameras, DMS signs, detector stations, gates, signal heads and incident detection.