TrafiSense - Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensors


The World's First Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensor

TrafiSense is an integrated thermal camera and detector for vehicle and bike detection. TrafiSense does not need light to operate, but uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and bicyclists. This enables the sensor to detect vehicles and bikes in the darkest of nights, over a long range and in the most difficult weather conditions. The result is reliable, 24/7 traffic detection for a wide range of applications.

Intersection Control

TrafiSense can be used to control traffic lights by detecting vehicles and bicycles at and nearby the stop bar. The intelligent TrafiSense sensor will transmit its detection information over contact closures or over IP to the traffic light controller and will thus allow a more dynamic control of traffic lights. This results in reduced vehicle idling time, improved traffic flow and improved safety and mobility for bicyclists. Typical intersection applications are ‘green on demand’ and ‘lengthening green times’.

TrafiSense uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and bicyclists to make a distinction between both. The intelligent sensor can provide the traffic light controller with specific information on vehicle and bike presence, which allows traffic managers to make more intelligent decisions and adapt green times according to the specific road user type (bike or other vehicle).

Inverse Direction Detection

Through real-time analysis of thermal images, TrafiSense will detect wrong-way drivers on highways, highway entries and exits, or inter-urban roads in a matter of seconds. TrafiSense’s algorithms are based on proven performance of more than 20 years.

Vehicle and bicycle counting

TrafiSense also offers vehicle and bicycle counting. This functionality can work simultaneously with the presence detection functionality and uses the same detection zones and regions.