VIP Series – Video Detection Boards

The VIP series offers multi-functional Video Image Processing modules for traffic control. These boards can monitor single or dual cameras and provide accurate data traffic volume, speed, gap-time, headway, occupancy, concentration, and classification. Data is stored on-board, using non-volatile memory.


VIP 3D.1

The VIP-3D.1 monitors one camera and provides up to 24 presence detection zones.


The VIP-3D.2 monitors two cameras and provides up to 20 presence detection zones.

VIP Series - Key Benefits

  • Single Slot Direct Plug-In Module. Dual or single video input, rack space saving board
  • Interfaces also with TS2 SDLC Via PIM
  • Field-proven performance, presence detection and data collection
  • Fast and reliable 24/7
  • Easy to install, trouble-free system integration
  • High lifetime, low power, easy maintenance
VIP-Key Benefits