Cameleon ITS

Cameleon ITS

Transportation Monitoring and Management Software

Cameleon ITS is a central software platform for transportation monitoring and management. The ITS version of Cameleon allows for the control of ITS-specific devices, including cameras, DMS signs, detector stations, gates,  signal heads and incident detection.

Cameleon includes a complete video management solution native to the application. ITS allows full support of video decoding, distribution, transcoding and supply of digital streams to clients, video walls, websites and video sharing with other agencies.

Cameleon has several integral applications for monitoring health and status of software components, as well as an automatic software update manager.  Components can be automatically restarted based on several monitoring criteria, and all system events are logged to the Windows system log.

Typical applications for Cameleon ITS include large scale video management and sharing, DMS sign control, lane control, congestion warning, travel time, incident management and parking control systems.

A powerful feature of the software is the ability to utilize standard off-the-shelf software for a large variety of projects, with simple configuration and customization. Cameleon supports standard interfaces, such as NTCIP and TMDD for device control, as well as XML data exchange for custom interfaces.

Access to devices and video, along with the ability to restrict video feeds, is managed through the software. Control center functionality includes multiple monitor support for clients, along with robust integrations to video wall processors, computer display switchers and audio switching.