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FLIR regularly publishesapplication stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.


How FLIR can make your roads safer and smarter.

One of the markets that is rapidly discovering the benefits thermal imaging has to offer is the traffic video detection market. To ensure full presence in this market, FLIR Systems acquired the former Traficon. The company has been a major player in the traffic market for more than 25 years. FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems, as the company is known today, has all the know-how to offer you the most advanced solutions for traffic video detection and monitoring.

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City of Liverpool relies on thermal imaging to boost cycling

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, the city of Liverpool wants to encourage people to leave the car at home more often and go cycling instead. But in order to make that happen, the streets of Liverpool need to become a lot safer for cyclists. Thermal traffic sensors from FLIR Systems already give cyclists a head start on two busy intersections.

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Thermal imaging cameras help guarantee fire safety in tunnels

Tunnel fires can have devastating effects on people and infrastructure. The consequences of fires in tunnels can in the worst cases result in severe fatalities, material damage and disruption of important infrastructure lines. Effective fire prevention, detection and control can therefore save lives and prevent high costs. Tunnel operators and emergency response teams have always relied on intelligent technology to support them in these tasks. Thermal imaging is one of these technologies.

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Smart traffic management in the city of Darmstadt

As part of a larger urban zone across the southern part of the German Rhine Main Area, the city of Darmstadt does not escape from the present-day woes of traffic congestion. Smart traffic sensors positioned across the city and smart software collecting all the information from these sensors, help to put a stop to this worrying trend.

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Flir Systems enables smooth intersection traffic flow in Utrecht, the Netherlands

ThermiCam thermal sensors from FLIR Systems have been deployed at a big signalized intersection leading from Utrecht to Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Based on heat energy coming from bicyclists and motorists, the cameras from FLIR can detect both types of road users and make a distinction between the two. The cameras pass down their detection information to the traffic lights and this way, a separate regulation for bicyclists and motorists is made possible, all the while both road users are sharing the same road space. The result of this installation is a smoother and more logical traffic flow at the intersection.

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The city of Lower Hutt, New Zealand, calls on Flir Systems to improve pedestrian safety

The city of Lower Hutt is located near New Zealand’s capital Wellington, and has a population of 102,900 people. The city authorities have always attached great importance to easy transport to and around the city, with an extra eye for the safety of vulnerable road users. When the refurbishment of a zebra pedestrian crossing along the busy Victoria Street was due, the city’s traffic specialists opted for the installation of a PUFFIN crossing with intelligent traffic lights, activated by FLIR pedestrian and vehicle sensors. Victoria Street carries some 20.000 vehicles per day.

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FLIR thermal imaging sensor improves bicycle safety at Tamaki Drive, Auckland, New-Zealand

Mixed traffic situations, where motorists share the road with vulnerable road users, are often very challenging for cyclists. The busy Tamaki Drive in Auckland, New Zealand, is such a challenging environment and has already witnessed several cycle incidents over the past few years, including fatalities and serious injuries. To prevent further incidents from happening, Auckland Transport Authorities decided on a wide range of bicycle safety measures, including the integration of a bicycle warning system, activated by thermal imaging technology from FLIR Systems.

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FLIR-powered intelligent crossing leads to more safety for pedestrians

An innovative project at a busy retail park in the UK could provide the blueprint for a new approach to pedestrian safety. The system deployed at the Giltbrook site, near Nottingham, UK, uses flashing road studs and warning signs to create a visual warning for motorists approaching an internal pedestrian crossing, which spans the main vehicle access to the park. The LED studs and warning signs are activated by FLIR’s C-Walk pedestrian detector.

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24/7 people and vehicle detection for public transportation

Every day, public transportation passengers rely on trains, metros or trams to bring them safely and timely at their point of destination. However, the risky or careless behavior of people can sometimes lead to accidents that will cause a lot of delay as well as severe damage to rolling goods and rail infrastructure. Thermal imaging cameras can detect this risky behavior in time and help public transportation operators to take the appropriate measures.

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Smart traffic sensors help alleviate city congestion in Moscow, Russia

Traffic jam statistics for the city of Moscow are not very encouraging, to say the least. In order to tackle its heavy traffic congestion problem, the city of Moscow recently started with the development of an Intelligent Transportation System. To smoothen the traffic flows along signalized intersections, Moscow called upon the expertise of FLIR Systems. Over 3,000 TrafiCam x-stream vehicle presence sensors will make sure traffic signal cycles are adapted to the actual traffic.

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Monitoring traffic at the Rion-Antirion Bridge, day and night

The Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece is the world's longest cable-stayed bridge with a suspended deck. Stretching over 2,252m (2,883m including the access viaduct), The Rion-Antirion viaduct limits the crossing time over the Gulf of Corinth to around five minutes. To ensure safety on the bridge and make quick interventions possible in case an accident happens, the bridge makes use of smart Automatic Incident Detection technology and thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems.

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A Total Traffic Monitoring Solution for Marseille

FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems will be equipping both the Prado Carénage Tunnel and the Prado Sud Tunnel in Marseille with  Automatic Incident Detection (AID) technology. Thanks to FLIR technology, it will be safer and more efficient to cross the city of Marseille by road.

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Automatic Incident Detection and traffic data collection in the Festning and Bjørvika tunnels (Oslo, Norway)

The Festning and the Bjørvika Tunnel are two motorway tunnels on the E18 in the city center of Oslo, Norway. Both tunnels have been equipped with intelligent incident detection technology from FLIR to guarantee high-level road user safety 24/7.

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TrafiCam sensors help meet Indonesia’s ambitious traffic management plans in Jakarta and Surabaya.

When talking about the Jakarta, Indonesia’s economic, cultural and political centre, it is very easy to lapse into superlatives. With a population of over 10 million people, it is the most populous city in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, as well as the thirteenth most populated city in the world. The official metropolitan area, known as Jabodetabek, is also the second largest in the world.

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Automatic incident detection and traffic data collection for the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Although there are numerous examples of innovative ITS projects in the Middle East, few are as impressive as the recently opened Sheikh Zayed Tunnel in Abu Dhabi. Spanning 3.6km in total, including a 2.4km covered section, the bi-directional (four lanes in each direction) structure is the Middle East’s longest road tunnel. The tunnel opened to the public on December 5, 2012.

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Automatic Incident Detection on the Black Sea Motorway, Turkey

The Bolaman and Giresun tunnel are two tunnels along the Black Sea Coast, in the North of Turkey. The Bolaman tunnel, with its length of 3.8 km also the longest expressway tunnel in Turkey, is located between the cities of Fatsa and Ordu. The Giresun tunnel is located close to the city of Giresun, on the motorway towards Trabzon. To increase the safety and capacity in these 2 tunnels, FLIR’s automatic incident detection system was installed. The Bolaman tunnel has been equipped with Video Image Processing (VIP) modules in 2006, the Giresun tunnel one year later.

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Video-based Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Statistics in the Clem Jones Tunnel – Brisbane (Australia)

FLIR’s video based automatic incident detection and traffic statistics collection system is implemented in Brisbane’s Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7), formerly known as the North-South Bypass Tunnel (NSBT). It’s Brisbane’s first major road tunnel which links five existing major motorways and arterial roads on the north and south sides of the Brisbane River. This toll- way is 6.8 kilometers long end-to-end and includes two 4.8 km dual lane tunnels. CLEM7, opened in early 2010, is the first component in a major project that aims to reduce all deficiencies in the urban road network of Brisbane.

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city of kings    

Streamlining Traffic in the City of Kings

The city of Lima, Peru, is taking extensive measures to tackle its problem of heavy traffic congestion and pollution. As part of the solution, Lima city authorities recently called upon Traficon to help them improve urban traffic flows. 

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