CBRNE Sensor Integration

In the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosives (CBRNE) incident, a quick and effective response is critical. For over 30 years, FLIR has safeguarded people and property by providing tools that see and sense harmful CBRNE substances. Intelligence, innovation, and intuitive design are featured in every device, so responders are prepared when the need arises. FLIR‘s cost-effective, high-performance solutions support defense, counterterrorism, homeland security, law enforcement, public safety, health, environmental, and commercial organizations around the globe.

FLIR Agent Disclosure Spray (ADS) | FLIR Systems

FLIR Agent Disclosure Spray™ (ADS) quickly changes color on a surface if a Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) is present

FLIR’s sensor integration team develops comprehensive CBRNE response and reconnaissance systems that are fully modular, mission-tailored and transportable to enable users to respond quickly and effectively to undefined CBRNE threats. Whether the solution is fixed, mobile, or trailer-based, FLIR helps deploy comprehensive solutions that deliver reliable, powerful situational awareness without increasing operator or commander workload.

FLIR CBRN Mission Kits | FLIR Systems

FLIR CBRN DR SKO is a set of mission-specific kits that characterize and provide full spectrum CBRN dismounted reconnaissance capability