AFP Test Tubes

TrueTrace is an award-winning technology that enables fast, sensitive and selective trace-level explosives detection. The FLIR Fido® X products are the only commercially available handheld explosives trace detectors (ETD) to use TrueTrace technology.

How does it work?

Trace particulate samples are heated to vaporize the sample. An internal pump pulls the vapor phase molecules across the suite of TrueTrace sensing materials. These sensing materials interact with molecules in the sample, causing a change in light intensity that is measured by the detection platform. No radioactive ionization source is needed to produce this result. An explosive is “sensed” when the light output of the TrueTrace sensing materials changes in a specific manner in response to explosives in the sample. The change in intensity of light output is measured by ultrasenstive detectors in the TrueTrace ETD and the identity or class of the explosive is displayed on the screen.

A Closer Look: TrueTrace® Technology

A Closer Look Bulk vs Trace TrueTrace

What are Amplifying Fluorescent Polymers (AFP)?

FLIR utilizes amplifying fluorescent polymer (AFP) technology licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of its ultra-sensitive suite of detection materials. AFP consists of many fluorescent molecules linked together to form a 'wire' that communicate with each other electronically. When any one of the molecules in the wire interacts with a molecule of explosive, all of the molecules in the wire stop emitting light. This is similar to an old-fashioned string of Christmas lights that all go out when a single bulb burns out. A single explosive molecule switches off the fluorescence of multiple fluorescent molecules in the chain. An extremely small amount of explosive can trigger a measurable reduction in light output, enabling FLIR's TrueTrace technology to provide best-in-class sensitivity.

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