flir fido B2

Early Warning of Bio-Aerosol Threats

The IBAC 2 is a continuous air monitor that provides early warning for the presence of biological aerosol threats. The system combines both trigger and sample collection features into one integrated system that serves as a “smart” collector. Instead of randomly or continuously sampling the air onto a collection surface, the system will only trigger the collector when there is a high probability of a biological agent present. This greatly reduces the costs of consumables and number of samples to process and identify.

The IBAC 2 facilitates timely containment, treatment and remediation for concentrated levels of biological aerosols. Possible agents released in a bio-threat attack can include bacterial spores (such as B. anthracis, which causes anthrax), bacteria (such as Y. pestis, which causes plague), viruses (such as smallpox) and toxins (such as ricin).

Minimal training is required for operating the IBAC 2. It can operate as a standalone unit, meaning the operator simply places the sensor at the location of interest, turns on the power, and leaves it to monitor autonomously for a bio-alarm signal. Alternatively, the IBAC 2 can operate as part of a network configuration to form the "first tier" of a building air-security system. Communication and response can be managed through existing building control systems or an independent network.

*IBAC is formerly known as the Fido B2 IBAC




C100 Sold as an option for the IBAC 2, the C100 is a modular tactical sample collector for eventual threat analysis and identification.