FLIR Integrated Solutions

Integrated Surveillance Systems

Maintaining 24/7 situational awareness is critical in order to protect your borders, bases, infrastructure and citizens. When the threats are varied, your solution must be as flexible as it is reliable.

From border security to crowd control, perimeter monitoring to wide-area surveillance, FLIR has the integrated solutions you need to be up to the challenge. With powerful, adaptable solutions for medium- to long-range detection and surveillance, you have the tools to respond as the tactical situation changes from one moment to the next.

And because these are tightly integrated systems, every unit you deploy is not only fully mission capable on its own, but also provides real-time imagery to your central command and control center, so commanders and officers can make the right call every time.

Whether the solution you need is fixed, mobile, or trailer-based, FLIR helps you deploy comprehensive surveillance that deliver reliable, powerful situational awareness without increasing operator or commander workload.