Force Protection

Force Protection systems that don’t detect threats until they’re at the perimeter are destined to fail. You need to detect, classify, assess, and track multiple targets simultaneously long before they reach your perimeter if you’re going to react in time. For that, you need a FLIR force protection solution.

FLIR combines radar, thermal cameras, and a host of other sensors to create a truly persistent 360-degree surveillance solution for beyond-the-perimeter detection and tracking. Cost-effective yet with the highest probability of detection and low false alarm rates, FLIR force protection solutions combine reliability, long MTBF, and price to provide low life-cycle cost in an all day, all night, and in any weather.

Related products

TacFLIR 280-HD

The world's first stabilized compact HD multi-sensor imaging system for tactical vehicles

Giving unrivalled long range optical and system performance, TacFLIR 280-HD builds on FLIR Systems' decades-long history of producing combat-proven imaging systems for land vehicles and other mobile platforms. TacFLIR 280-HD outperforms every other compact system available, and is specifically designed to take a pounding and still provide long-range performance.



TacFLIR 380-HD

The Only All-Digital, Full HD System

The TacFLIR 380-HD is state-of-the-art ISTAR sensor designed for land vehicle applications. The TacFLIR 380-HD is identical with airborne and maritime versions of the Star SAFIRE 380-HD, but with other sealings and shock mounts for a land vehicle environment.

The payloads contain a MWIR camera with a native 1280x720 resolution, HD CCD cameras, a HD SWIR camera, a laser range finder, and a laser pointer. A 6-axis stabilization gives the TacFLIR 380-HD unmatched geolock and target tracking capabilities.



Ranger HDC MultiSensor

The most efficient long range surveillance system

The Ranger HDC MultiSensor systems integrate the long range, mid-wave High Definition thermal imaging camera Ranger HDC with a variety of powerful daylight sensors, and optionally a Laser Range Finder, GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, and Automatic Video Tracker. An array of advanced functions and options are available to meet the most demanding needs. All sensors on the Ranger HDC MultiSensor units are mounted on afast and accurate Pan & Tilt unit.


Recon V

Ultra Light Weight Thermal Binocular with Geo-Location & Continuous Zoom

The Recon® V is a compact, rugged, light weight multi-sensor thermal binocular designed 24/7 field operations that require enhanced imagery and long standoff range, night and day.

Its internal GPS, DMC, and long-range laser rangefinder provide accurate range to target as well as precise target location. The 10x continuous zoom optic, MEMS-based electronic stabilization, and high definition color video display combine to provide unmatched image quality and flexibility.

The simplified user interface does away with multiple buttons and complicated multi-layer menus, and makes the Recon V easier to use than ever.


Ranger MS-UC Series (DefendIR/EnforceIR)

Now with Continuous Optical Zoom

Multi-sensor systems for surveillance, security and force protection, the Ranger® family of imaging systems provides beyond the fence perimeter surveillance to detect, assess, identify, and deter threats. Multi-sensor systems for surveillance, security and force protection are available for a wide variety of tactical applications. These systems can be operated independently or integrated into a fully interoperable radar/sensor network. Ruggedized to perform in extreme temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions, they are in front-line operation around the world.


Ranger R5

Wide Area Surveillance for Desert Environments

The Ranger® R5 perimeter surveillance radar provides accurate, high resolution detection of vehicles and personnel. This ground-based radar is designed to meet the rigors of a desert environment, providing 24/7 security to ranges of up to 5000m.


Ranger THV MS

High Resolution, uncooled mid-range LWIR Thermal Imaging System with Multi-Sensor Options

The Ranger® THV MS is a high resolution uncooled LWIR thermal imaging system with options for a laser range finder, as well as a color camera and tracking solutions all on an accurate pan & tilt platform. The Ranger THV also includes a GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass to ensure location accuracy.