Law Enforcement


As an airborne law enforcement pro, when the call comes, you go – night and day, good weather and bad. Whether your shift calls for patrol, surveillance, search and rescue, or any other mission the job might throw at you, there’s a FLIR system to answer your call.

  • Star SAFIRE 380-HD — Powerful, long-range surveillance system with best-in-class image quality and detection range
  • Star SAFIRE 380-HDc — Compact and light weight with full HD sensors, it’s perfect for patrol, SAR, and medium-range surveillance from smaller aircraft
  • Star SAFIRE 230-HD – High resolution thermal and high-def visible combine to make this a powerful yet affordable compact imager
  • Ultra8500 – The #1 law enforcement thermal imager in the world, it’s super compact, stabilized and proven for ALE missions
  • Handheld Thermal Night Vision for Law Enforcement

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Star SAFIRE 380-HD

The World’s Most Widely Deployed Full-HD EO/IR System

The world's first and only all-digital, full high definition system provides superior image stabilization, ultra long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in the digital video. The Star SAFIRE 380-HD is fully hardened for military fixed-wing and helicopter operations so it can operate continuously in all conditions--even while sitting on the tarmac with no airflow.



Star SAFIRE 380-HDc

Long Range Performance in a Compact System

Introducing the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc, the first in a new class of compact, high performance, stabilized, HD imaging systems specifically engineered for helicopter ISR operators. Star SAFIRE 380-HDc provides an unmatched SWaP-C advantage for airborne applications that demand high performance ISR in a light-weight, compact package. Specifically tailored to excel at long range performance under extreme rotary aircraft conditions.



Star SAFIRE 230-HD

The Most Compact HD Multi-Sensor

The most compact HD system available, the Star SAFIRE® 230-HD provides up to seven simultaneous payloads in a 9" package.



Compact Long Range Airborne Multi-Sensor System

The world's number one selling law enforcement thermal imager, the Ultra8500 is a compact, stabilized multi-sensor system designed for Pursuit/Patrol and Surveillance missions. This model is based on the 9" gimbal design, configured for specific law enforcement missions.





Manned Mobile Surveillance System

Vantage point is everything when it comes to surveillance. SkyWatch mobile observation towers provide a high level platform for an array of surveillance options. Every portable tower includes the basics for the comfort and safety of the officer inside through adjustable heat and air conditioning, tinted sliding glass windows and comfortable seating. And no matter the application, only one person is required to set up and deploy a unit.

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