Fixed Surveillance

FLIR combines performance, coverage, and reliability tocreate the most effective fixed surveillance solutions for border protection, coastal surveillance, vessel traffic monitoring, airport security, and any other land-based mission requiring constant, multispectral vigilance.

Thermal cameras, radars, and a host of other sensors are available for integration to create a truly persistent 360-degree surveillance solution for the detection, assessment, and tracking of multiple targets simultaneously from extreme ranges.

Ranger HDC

High Definition, Cooled Long Range Thermal Imaging System with Multi-Sensor Options

The Ranger HDC is a RealHD thermal imager with a 1280x720 cooled detector. The system provides exceptional long range thermal imaging performance and provides 22x continuous optical zoom to maintain situational awareness for effective target assessment and features the new FLIR Image Processing Engine.


Ranger HDC MultiSensor

The most efficient long range surveillance system

The Ranger HDC MultiSensor systems integrate the long range, mid-wave High Definition thermal imaging camera Ranger HDC with a variety of powerful daylight sensors, and optionally a Laser Range Finder, GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, and Automatic Video Tracker. An array of advanced functions and options are available to meet the most demanding needs. All sensors on the Ranger HDC MultiSensor units are mounted on afast and accurate Pan & Tilt unit.


Ranger HRC

Portable, Long Range Thermal Imaging Surveillance System with Multi-Sensor Option

The Ranger HRC is a high-resolution mid-wave thermal imaging system built around a large format 640x480 array and a choice of powerful continuous-zoom telescopes. While the Ranger HRC is available in its standalone, environmentally hardened enclosure, it can also include and optional high-magnification CCD-TV camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and an integrated, gyro-stabilized, pan/tilt mechanism that provides precise target geo-location capability. Operators can field Ranger HRC as a portable stand-alone system, or integrate it into a network of fixed-site sensors via its suite of plug-and-play interface options.


Ranger MS LRTI

Integrated Thermal / CCD / Spotlight

The Ranger MS-LRTI is a unique deterrence system that builds on the impressive capabilities of the Ranger MS-UC DefendIR Utilizing a day/low-light CCD camera and cooled InSb thermal imager, the Ranger MS-LRTI adds a high power spotlight to detect, deter and temporarily disorient intruders. The 12 million candle power spotlight on the Ranger MS-LRTI can illuminate intruders within a one-mile radius.


Ranger MS-UC Series (DefendIR/EnforceIR)

Now with Continuous Optical Zoom

Multi-sensor systems for surveillance, security and force protection, the Ranger® family of imaging systems provides beyond the fence perimeter surveillance to detect, assess, identify, and deter threats. Multi-sensor systems for surveillance, security and force protection are available for a wide variety of tactical applications. These systems can be operated independently or integrated into a fully interoperable radar/sensor network. Ruggedized to perform in extreme temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions, they are in front-line operation around the world.


The Ranger MS Illuminator

Unique Intruder Deterrence System

The Ranger MS Illuminator is a unique deterrence system that utilizes a day / low-light CCD camera with a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and immobilize intruders. The spotlight on the Ranger MS Illuminator is available in 12 million-candlepower (MCP), and can detect and temporarily disorient intruders within a one-mile radius. When paired with a FLIR millimeter wave radar; the Ranger MS Illuminator can be a powerful addition to detect, visibly Illuminate intruders, and show security forces where to respond.


Ranger THV MS

High Resolution, uncooled mid-range LWIR Thermal Imaging System with Multi-Sensor Options

The Ranger THV is a high resolution uncooled LWIR thermal imaging system with options for a laser range finder, as well as a color camera and tracking solutions all on an accurate pan & tilt platform. The Ranger THV also includes a GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass to ensure location accuracy.