Optics Technology

OpticsFLIR designs and manufactures a wide range of infrared and visible optical components and coatings, for applications in our own products and as a supplier of state-of-the-art technology to the EO/IR industry. Coatings & Filters FLIR has established itself as a leader in the development and manufacturing of infrared lenses and filters for aerospace, commercial, defense, and medical applications. Reticles As a major contractor to the military, FLIR has built a reputation of providing the highest quality reticles to the industry. FLIR offers reticle line widths as small as 2 microns, assuring a consistent precision product for accurate targeting.

Solderable Edge Metalization

FLIR's solderable edge coatings can be applied to visible and IR windows, providing a durable hermetic seal to optical systems. There are currently thousands of hermetically sealed components in the field relying on the quality FLIR provides.

EO Assemblies

FLIR's many years of experience in optical coatings, and expertise in assembly of glass-glass, metal-metal, and glass-metal bonding ensures that the entire assembly arrives at your facility ready for installation.

Optical Fabrication

FLIR's optical shop relies on highly experienced Master Opticians to provide grinding, polishing, generating, and milling services. Combined with our extensive metrology and MRF capabilities, you are assured of receiving the hghest quality products.

Optics Brochure