Security Case Studies and Application Notes

FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.



FLIR cameras catch shoplifters red-handed

If it’s up to Nexo Group, shoplifters have to fear a new tool in the battle against theft: thermal imaging. Based on thermal images provided by FLIR’s FC-Series R radiometric camera, Nexo Group’s xPredator system identifies suspicious heat patterns on shop visitors that could indicate the presence of hidden, stolen products. Read the article



4K Surveillance - The Future of Video Security in Shopping Centres is Here

Eden Shopping Centre, a large retail and entertainment complex in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has taken the giant leap from an analogue to a HD video surveillance system. Upgrading the recorders, matrix, and priority cameras has provided the Centre with enhanced optical clarity, high-definition images and the flexibility of future-proofing the system – ready for technological advances.Read the article



Early fire detection with FLIR cameras helps waste plant operators sleep more peacefully

The TAV Ludwigslust waste incineration plant makes an important contribution to sustainable waste management for approximately 240,000 citizens from the municipal districts of Ludwigslust and Parchim. At its sites in Ludwigslust, TAV collects enormous amounts of waste that is continuously compressed and prepared for further transport to the incinerators. Read the article

FLIR Provides Ultimate Peace of Mind to Residents of Exclusive South African Estate


FLIR Provides Ultimate Peace of Mind to Residents of Exclusive South African Estate

If you are looking for luxury, exclusivity and security around the area of Johannesburg and Midrand, South Africa, then Waterfall Estates is the place to be for you. The new, exquisite residential and business area offers uniquely South African architecture, indigenous landscaping and state-of-the-art security provided by advanced thermal security cameras from FLIR Systems. Read the article

FLIR-Powered security solution helps to battle illegal mining


FLIR-Powered security solution helps to battle illegal mining

Mining companies across the African continent have been coping with the problem of illegal mining for years. In their battle against artisanal miners illegally entering their properties and compromising site safety, they have been unsuccessfully looking out for security solutions that are both reliable and affordable. With the turnkey solution from South-African security specialist Secu-Systems, that solution is finally in sight. Read the article

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Thermal Security Cameras Protect the Home Turf

Affordable, high-performance thermal security cameras have revolutionized the video security industry. Their flexibility, performance, and low total cost of ownership have made them viable security imaging solutions for a broader range of applications than ever imagined. Case in point: Brigham Young University is now using thermal security cameras to look after their newly renovated football field. Read the article

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With Thermal Cameras, Image Matters.

The simple fact is: not all thermal security cameras are created equal. Simply comparing manufacturer's specification sheets won't give you the information you need to get the most effective imagers for you money. For many security professionals, the process of evaluating thermal cameras for purchase or recommendation is a new endeavor that exposes them to a whole new set of specifications and performance parameters that they are unfamiliar with. This unfamiliarity makes them vulnerable to the vagaries of slick marketing literature. Read the article


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Abertura Photovoltaic solar plant chooses FLIR Systems

One of the main solar plants in Spain is the Abertura Solar Park. It represents an investment of over 225 Million Euro. FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras are protecting this investment day and night. To protect the 9 kilometer long perimeter, 27 FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras have been installed  Read the article 


Hide Your Heat


You Can't Hide Your Heat

Security professionals have many different clubs in their professional bags. As professionals, it is incumbent upon us to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in our field, and I'm here to tell you – there's a new game in town: thermal security cameras.  Read the article


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The Thermal Revolution

The technological breakthroughs that change the very nature of an industry often happen well before anyone takes notice. It's not until years later – when the archetypes we have taken for granted are lying in splinters at our feet – that we recognize the extent of the changes witnessed.  Read the article


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Hot Shots

Thermal technology takes its place in perimeter protection.  Read the article


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Newport Beach PD

TV cameras don't work at night, and night is when you need cameras the most. Police officials in Newport Beach, California found this out and came to FLIR for the solution.  Read the article 


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Copenhagen Airport

FLIR Systems' SR-100 cameras make the airport safer than ever.  Read the article


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Port Security

The Port of Portland services over 800 vessel calls each year, accounting for over 14 million tons of ocean-going cargo. FLIR cameras let security operators see clearly in total darkness and in poor weather – something people in the Pacific Northwest may encounter at any time of the year.  Read the article


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ORLEN refinery deploys FLIR Systems SR-100 thermal imaging cameras

Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN, better known as PKN ORLEN is a Polish company. It is one of Central Europe's largest refiners of crude oil. ORLEN specializes in processing crude oil into world-class unleaded petrol, diesel, heating oil, and aviation fuel as well as plastics and other petroleum related products.   Read the article


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Security at Munich Airport

Munich Airport, officially named Franz Josef Strauss Airport, is located 28 km northeast of Munich, Germany. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic (34.5 million in 2008), after Frankfurt International Airport. It is the 7th largest in Europe and ranks number 28 on the list of busiest airports worldwide.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging finds its way to The London Eye

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York the Empire State, Sydney its Opera House, Rome the Coliseum and London has the London Eye. An extraordinary symbol for an extraordinary city. The world's largest cantilevered observation wheel offers a spectacular way to take in over 55 of London's most famous landmarks in just 30 minutes!  Read the article


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Oubaai Golf Estate, in the heart of the famous South African Garden Route

FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras help to protect the perimeter.  Read the article


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Diamonds are a theif's best friend

FLIR Systems PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-100 thermal imaging cameras help to prevent diamond theft in Namibia.  Read the article


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Port of Calais installs thermal imaging cameras for security and surveillance

Thermal imaging cameras detect intrusions and help to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) regulations and 'Le Touquet Treaty'.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging cameras: a new tool for securing marinas

Thermal imaging cameras help to protect yachts and the valuable equipment they have on board.  Read the article


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Securing the G8

Thirty (30) FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras helped to assure a safe meeting of world leaders in Germany.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging at BMW

The same technology that is being used to for security and surveillance applications is being installed in cars as well. BMW offers thermal imaging cameras for driver vision enhancement in selected models. They deliberately chose for thermal imaging, also called passive infrared, instead of active infrared.  Read the article


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FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras enhance security at Turin airport

SAGAT Turin airport in Italy recently decided to increase its security even further by installing FLIR Systems thermal imagers. The airfield lies next to a military facility and the problem had been to detect intrusion along the 9 km long perimeter fence in darkness, haze and fog.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging: ready to conquer the world

As thermal imaging cameras are becoming less expensive, they are being integrated in more and more products. Will there be a thermal imaging camera in every car, for every police officer, on every ship, in the near future?  Read the article