Perimeter Protection

FLIR is the world leader in providing the most complete and advanced thermal security cameras for critical infrastructure. Combined with United VMS, Cameleon Physical Security Information Management (PISM) software, and smart analytics, FLIR provides 24/7 perimeter protection performance in the most adverse conditions.

Thermal and Visible Security Cameras | FLIR Systems

Thermal & Visible Security Cameras

FLIR thermal cameras see far along fence lines by detecting the heat of intruders at great distances. Our on-board analytics and PTZ tracking capabilities offer even greater accuracy and identification, so you’ll know the most appropriate response. FLIR’s visible cameras complete the system with models that include onboard analytics and high definition, evidentiary resolution.

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United VMS | FLIR Systems

United VMS

FLIR’s United VMS integrates FLIR thermal and visible cameras, in addition to supporting analytics, PTZ tracking, and hand-off from fixed to PT cameras. United VMS is easy-to-use, has scalable architecture, robust cyber security, and an open-platform design for easily integrating 3rd party technologies to create an end-to-end solution that is one-of-a-kind.

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Cameleon - PSIM Software | FLIR Systems

Cameleon - PSIM Software

The Cameleon™ advanced Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software offers security operators a highly-customizable and user-friendly environment. The strength of Cameleon lies in its ability to control virtually any device or technology seamlessly, including radar, drones, VMS, monitors, switchers, DVRs, and a host of other devices and technologies.

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Security Cameras

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United VMS

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Cameleon (PSIM Software)

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Fail-proof perimeter security for LUKOIL NEFTOCHIM BURGAS

Fail-proof perimeter security for LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas

LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas, based in Bulgaria, is the largest oil refinery in Southeastern Europe, processing 9.5 million ton of crude oil per year. The Lukoil oil production sites are vital to the Bulgarian economy, but also present a significant risk.

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FLIR-Powered security solution helps to battle illegal mining | FLIR Systems

FLIR-Powered security solution helps to battle illegal mining

Mining companies across the African continent have been coping with the problem of illegal mining for years. In their battle against artisanal miners illegally entering their properties and compromising site safety, they have been unsuccessfully looking out for security solutions that are both reliable and affordable.

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Raven - Site Design

The FLIR Raven Site Planning Tool is a powerful, free online platform that allows customers to visually simulate the placement of FLIR security cameras using Google Maps. Raven graphically displays the range and fields of view of proposed FLIR cameras to ensure that each location receives proper coverage. Raven has been indispensable for 1,500 security installation companies and integrators worldwide.

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Quote and System Design Tool

The FLIR Online Design Tool enables integrators and VARs to quickly and easily design systems and prepare price quotations for video surveillance projects. The tool greatly increases your productivity by streamlining the system design process. It also ensures that your customers receive the most cost-effective and inclusive system.

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