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Built and maintained by FLIR. RAVEN Site Planning Tool is the industry standard in simulation for FLIR camera products. Raven has become an indispensable workflow component for 1500 Security installation companies and integrators worldwide. In addition to its feature rich interface, and robust functionality it's completely FREE to use!


Raven was developed by FLIR professional security planners as a means to simulate our entire product line of security cameras in the field. A complete suite of controls are available to simulate mounting height, rotation, range and image detection simulation to ensure accurate placement and performance in real life conditions. Using current satellite imagery, the user can place any number of FLIR cameras in highly accurate coordinate controlled locations most anywhere on the earth. Once the user has created their plan, they save it to their projects folder, and even create a PDF output containing the camera specifics, GPS coordinates for each camera, as well as satellite plan overview map.

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Raven Landing Monitor

Questions about Raven?

Raven support is ready to help. We wish to make your project planning experience as easy as possible. Please feel to contact us if you have any questions about using Raven. For larger projects we have specialists that an even help you with your camera layouts. Contact us today!

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