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FLIR is proud to sponsor the following university resources to promote and assist with the use of thermal infrared technology for R&D / Science based courses focused on classroom and laboratory instruction at universities. These resources include downloadable lesson plans, white papers, application notes, and training videos to aide in students exploration of infrared technology as it relates to the fundamentals of science and engineering. In addition, we’ve also put together infrared camera packages at substantial discounts to help put infrared cameras in students hands and ground these concepts through in class experiments.

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Free Downloadable Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are centered around the use of infrared cameras to enhance the learning process within engineering and science courses, such as Thermodynamics, Engineering Physics, and Electrical & Computer Sciences to name a few. You’ll see how infrared cameras from FLIR can help improve in the understanding of challenging concepts such as thermal conduction, convection, and radiation, or frictional forces and the conservation of energy principals.

Radiative Transfer
Dr. Jacob Turner, University of Idaho

Higher Education - Jacob TurnerThe purpose of this class is to start the discussion of Radiative Transfer, providing overview of what radiative heat is, and starting discussion of the how a Greenhouse works.

Total Time allotted: 50 minutes

Developed for courses: PHYS 2013 - Engineering Physics III, PHYS 433 - Statistical Thermodynamics


IR Radiation
James Pantaleone, University of Alaska Anchorage

Higher Education - James PantaleoneTeach students how IR radiation works through demonstrations using a thermal camera.

Developed for courses: ASTR 104 - Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology, PHYS 124 - Basic Physics II, PHYS 212 - General Physics II


Beekeeping Lecture
Jerry Bromenshenk, University of Montana-Missoula, Bee Alert Tech

Higher Education - Jerry BromenshenkLearn how an IR camera works, provide an introduction to radiative heat, and explore how it can be used in practical applications by beekeepers.

Developed for Master Beekeeping Online Course


R values and thermal conductivity Lecture

Insulation materials are used in a variety of situations, from clothing to the building of houses to the design of automobiles. The purpose of this activity is for students to create their own insulation composite material, calculate its thermal properties, and determine how efficient the material is by the analysis of a thermal image from the supplied FLIR camera.

R values and thermal conductivity Lecture:


Academic Discount Packages

In addition, the program includes the ability to purchase FLIR thermal cameras at a significant discount off the list price. These turn key packages coupled with pre–written lesson plans from professors at other well known universities will make it easy to dove tail thermal technology into your existing curriculum.

Latest FLIR Educational Packages

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White Papers, Application Notes, and Videos

FLIR’s opened up their archive of video and white paper content so that students can see firsthand how infrared cameras are useful for solving R&D / Science based applications in the future roles as engineers and scientists. The instructional videos also will expand their understanding of how thermal measurement can be used in industry.

R&D / Science Application Webinars
Spend an hour with us to learn more about how to use thermal imaging. Join us for an upcoming online seminar or watch a previously recorded one.
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FLIR ResearchIR Software Tutorials
Get started using FLIR ResearchIR software for research and science cameras with these tutorials.
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