FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc Series

For the most demanding R&D professional

Thermal images up to 1280 x 1024 pixels (FLIR X8400sc) will show you the smallest of details and assure excellent measurement accuracy, while fast, dynamic scenes will be accurately recorded up to 355 Hz in full 640 x 512 resolution (FLIR X6580sc) and up to 14,550 Hz using a 160 x 1 subwindow (FLIR X6570sc).

The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity. They are ideal for scientists and R&D professionals who are working on the most demanding applications. All of FLIR’s knowledge is concentrated in this full-featured yet compact camera, providing ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements. State-of-the-art connectivity and ease of use allow the user to concentrate on the experiment and not on the camera.