Detecting Methane, a Key Component of Natural Gas

Methane is an organic hydrocarbon that’s the main component of natural gas. It’s found in coal and oil deposits, but is also produced organically through decomposition. Methane has a global warming potential that's 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100 year period, so leaks and fugitive emissions during oil and gas production are a major concern.

By detecting leaks early and repairing them quickly, energy producers can save thousands of dollars in lost profits while improving regulatory compliance and protecting the environment.

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OGI Application Stories

Optical Gas Imaging at Jonah Energy - Saving Gas and Saving Money Through Regular OGI Surveys

The discovery of a massive methane leak at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in Los Angeles County in October 2015 brought national attention to safety and environmental concerns over natural gas production, processing, and storage. The well blowout released an estimated 97,100 metric tons of methane and 7,300 metric tons of ethane over a four-month period, making it the largest natural gas leak in US history.

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FLIR GF320 Thermal Camera Offers Reliable Gas Leak Detection in Biogas Facilities

Extensive field testing in recent years has revealed that a majority of biogas facilities in Germany experience methane leaks that pose significant threats to the environment, employee safety, and profits. However, with affordable gas finding technology like the FLIR GF320 thermal imager, there is a growing awareness of the effectiveness of thermal imaging for inspecting facilities and finding hidden gas leaks before they cause significant harm.

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Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Methane Gas Detection


Handheld: FLIR GFx320

Ground breaking technology for visualizing fugitive leaks.


Handheld: FLIR GF300/GF320

This preventative maintenance solution spots leaks nine times faster than traditional "sniffer" methods.


Fixed: FLIR G300a

Provides continuous monitoring of oil and gas field components, allowing energy producers to immediately spot dangerous gas leaks and repair them quickly.


Fixed: FLIR A6604

These cameras provide excellent coverage of remote areas, or components that are difficult to access.


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