Using CO2 as a Tracer Gas

Maintenance of hydrogen-cooled generators is critical for the safe and efficient operation of power plants. Finding and repairing H2 leaks in cooling systems requires exhaustive surveys of components, valves, fittings, and more when using traditional leak detection methods, as these are better at finding general areas where H2 is present rather than the exact source. Now optical gas imaging cameras are revolutionizing H2 leak detection. By mixing trace amounts of carbon dioxide with the H2, utilities can use dedicated thermal imaging cameras for CO2 leak detection to efficiently find hydrogen leaks.

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OGI Application Stories

Avoid an outage with new hydrogen leak detection technology

Maintenance of hydrogen-cooled generators is critical for the safe and efficient operation of a power plant. Finding and repairing hydrogen leaks from the cooling system is one aspect that can require exhaustive searches on components, valves, fittings, or other locations. Traditional methods for hydrogen leak detection tend to be unreliable at finding the source of the leak and better at finding a general area where hydrogen is present. The advent of optical gas imaging cameras has improved the efficiency and performance of leak detection a great deal. With the addition of a dedicated thermal imaging camera for CO2 leak detection, utilities now have a way to efficiently find hydrogen leaks while using CO2 as a tracer gas.

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Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Hydrogen / Carbon Dioxide Leak Detection


Handheld: FLIR GF343

Visualize hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide leaks in real time quickly, easily, and from a safe distance.


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