Gas Detection: The Professional Guide

Optical Gas Imagers – infrared cameras that are filtered to “see” escaping gases – can play a significant role in reducing gas emissions, maintaining regulatory compliance, cutting costs, and increasing worker safety. They’re a quick, non-contact means of detecting fugitive emissions on the worksite, with the ability to capture even small leaks from several meters away. These cameras are also often the only way to survey for gas emissions in areas that are impossible to reach with TVA “sniffers”.

In this guide book, we discuss how OGI cameras work, the types of gases they can visualize, and the wide variety of industries and applications where these cameras can be used.

This guide book includes:

Longwave vs Midwave Gas Detection Cameras

How OGI Detectors Work

Leak Location, Regulatory Surveys, and Other Applications

Gases Detected

Tips and Techniques

Survey Safety

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