Thermal Imaging for Furnace and Boiler Inspection

See Through the Flames without Getting Burned

Small problems with industrial furnaces and boilers can quickly become expensive problems. See through the flames with FLIR to quickly and safely inspect your facility.


Furnace Tube Inspection

Find problems in furnace tubes quickly and safely without shutting down your facilities.

Furnace Tube Inspection IR

Get temperature readings across the entire surface

Furnace Tube Inspection

Easily pinpoint problems

Furnace Tube Inspection IR

Quickly document your inspections

Furnace Tube Inspection

Inspect hard to see or reach areas

Infrared Cameras for Furnace and Boiler Inspection

FLIR GF309 Infrared Camera  

FLIR GF309 Infrared Cameras

The FLIR GF309 thermal camera is designed for high temperature industrial furnace applications. These cameras are ideal for monitoring all types of furnaces, heaters and boilers, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and utility industries.