Detect Benzene, an Important Petrochemical Building-Block

Benzene is an elementary petrochemical derived from crude oil that’s notable for its sweet smell. Benzene has a high octane number, making it an important fuel additive to gasoline. It’s also used in the production of heavy chemicals, lubricants, and plastics. Breathing in high levels of benzene can be fatal, and long term exposure can cause cancer.

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OGI Application Stories


Remote Detection and Localization of Gas Leaks with Autonomous Mobile Inspection Robots in Technical Facilities

Detection of gas leaks in industrial facilities is not only dangerous and time-consuming: it is also susceptible to human error and interpretation. In order to provide a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution, RoboGasInspector was conceived. This innovative robot system for remote detection and localization of gas leaks was developed by a range of German companies and institutes, and uses a FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera.

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Environmental Protection with a FLIR OGI Camera

Some industrial, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants emit gases that can harm the environment and impede the health of company employees and inhabitants of the surrounding area. Environmental protection agencies have the responsibility to make sure that these emissions fall within governmental and international policy guidelines. To help them with that task environmental protection agencies can use an optical gas imaging camera.

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Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Benzene Leak Detection


Handheld: FLIR GFx320

Ground breaking technology for visualizing fugitive leaks.


Handheld: FLIR GF300/GF320

Detect benzene leaks from production plants, or spot non-functioning benzene flares.


Fixed: FLIR G300a

Provides continuous monitoring of flares, allowing energy producers to immediately spot if a flare is out and benzene is leaking.


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