Advanced Features

The performance and capabilities of FLIR Motion Control Systems pan-tilts support advanced features and applications including tracking, geo-pointing, and inertial stabilization. Geo-pointing and inertial stabilization options are available as off-the-shelf options on most FLIR MCS pan-tilt models.


The performance capabilities of FLIR Motion Control Systems pan-tilts enable a wide range of advanced applications and features. These include:

Inertial Stabilization

Producing high-quality video from a moving platform is a challenge. Narrow field of view (FoV) lenses can make it even more difficult. Keeping narrow-beam antennas pointed in the right direction from a ground vehicle, aircraft, or boat for communications on-the-move, is also difficult to do cost effectively. Until now.


Advances in MEMs gyro technology, along with the performance capabilities of FLIR MCS pan-tilt units, has resulted in a breakthrough price-performance solution for inertially stabilized systems. Previously, inertially stabilized platforms typically have cost $250,000 or more. FLIR MCS is now able to provide inertially stabilized platforms for under $10,000.


FLIR MCS's Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM) is available today as an option on many pan-tilt models. Learn more about the ISM  


The Geo-Pointing Module (PTU-DGPM) is an intelligent module that allows any FLIR MCS pan-tilt unit to be commanded using latitude, longitude, altitude coordinates (geo-coordinates or GPS coordinates). Geo-pointing simplifies system integration for such applications as slew-to-queue, GIS user interfaces, and multi-sensor fusion. Geo-pointing is a built-in feature on all E Series pan-tilt units (PTU-D48E, PTU-D100E, PTU-D300E). Geo-pointing is available as an external module (PTU-DGPM) for PTU-D46 (legacy) and PTU-D47 models.


The PTU-DGPM simplifies system integration for applications such as slew-to-queue, map-based user interfaces, and multi-sensor fusion. Learn more about the PTU-DGPM  

Video and Antenna Tracking

FLIR MCS pan-tilts support real-time 2-way control and on-the-fly speed and position commands. This allows sophisticated tracking systems to be integrated in days rather than weeks or months.


Many of the leading off-the-shelf video tracking systems have already been integrated with FLIR MCS pan-tilts. See our Partners page for further info.