The Network is the Asset

The world's largest private-sector energy services company uses FLIR Systems thermal cameras to inspect and maintain its network in Bavaria, Germany.

The network is the energy supplier's most valuable asset. And this asset has to be maintained. Not only to prevent blackouts to its private and corporate customers, but also to ensure a long-term leading position in a market which has gained momentum and scale after the European Union-wide deregulation and liberalization of energy and power supply.

E.ON is a power and gas utility company of German origin, and with all of its stakes combined, the world's largest private-sec¬tor energy services company. With annual sales of EUR 49 billion and around 70,000 employees worldwide, E.ON has strong positions in Central, Northern Europe and the US Midwest region. E.ON Bayern, headquartered in Regensburg, Bavaria, is a daughter of E.ON Energie, the main power supplier in Central Europe. E.ON Bayern employs around 3,700 people and invests some 200 million Euros per year in its power network.

Low Voltage Transformer
Low Voltage Transformer Hot Spot Requires Urgent Repair Infrared

Low voltage transformer hot spot requires urgent repair.

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