FLIR Infrared Cameras Help to Ensure Safety at Sea

In the opinion of VT (formerly Vosper Thornycroft) Integrated Services (VTIS), thermal imaging excels in the real-time identification of static and dynamic mechanical, electrical and electronic faults. It also plays a key role in ensuring the working environment of the ship's crew is as safe as it can be, especially when at sea.

The company has recently won several through-life support contracts to provide ship- and shore-based services for Royal Naval ships. Implicit in these contracts is the maintenance of an agreed level of ship availability. Thermal imaging, together with other condition-based maintenance techniques, is seen as being vital to achieving this aim and accordingly, VTIS chose to invest in its own FLIR infrared camera.

The VT Group is an international government services provider whose activities are divided into two businesses. VT Shipbuilding designs and builds a wide range of vessels for the Royal Navy and indeed navies throughout the world. It also builds smaller boats for the commercial market and supplies specialist marine equipment.

VT Support Services serves both military and commercial sectors, activities that account for over two thirds of group turnover. VT (formerly Vosper Thornycroft) Integrated Services specialises in providing cost-efficient support programmes and services to customers from both VT business divisions. Responsible for developing this organisation's capabilities for both land-based and marine projects is Head of Maintenance Engineering, David Houghton. He led the team that put various makes of thermal imaging cameras through their paces.

Diesel Generator
Diesel Generator Infrared

Visual and infrared image of a diesel generator.

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