HOCHTIEF Facility Management uses FLIR P640 Infrared Camera to Inspect Customer Facilities

High-end handheld infrared cameras contribute to inspection and reporting quality of electrical and mechanical installations.

HOCHTIEF Facility Management provides facility management solutions to renowned companies in Germany and abroad. Its 4,500 employees maintain production plants, office buildings, public facilities like airports, sports stadiums and hospitals. A part of the HOCHTIEF corporation, Germany's biggest building and construction group, it covers the entire value chain of the building business, from development and construction to operations. HTFM concludes maintenance contracts with its diverse customers that include, among others, frequent inspection of electrical installations.

Eye-Catching Screen and Image

Infrared cameras are non-contact measurement instruments that allow users to inspect electrical and other installations without the need to switch them off or phase them down. The Duesseldorf branch of HTFM has procured a FLIR P640 infrared camera with a 640x480 pixel resolution that allows the user to see image details at a very good image quality. "It allows us to work faster, but also more accurate and precise", says Stefan Canje, Service Technician at the HTFM subsidiary. In addition to its standard 40 mm lens, Canje uses a 19 mm wide angle lens to scan the electrical cabinets. He sets movable spots to quickly measure the minimum and maximum temperature zones. Canje says he basically works with the screen rather than the Viewfinder: it allows the maintenance technicians on the customer's side to follow the infrared inspection, and last but not least to see the sharp imagery produced by the P640 infrared camera.

Electrical Installations
Data Centers

640 x 480 pixel resolution provides sharp imagery of data centers and electrical installations

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