Mastering the Maintenance Process

Mastering the Maintenance Process: Thermography allows Eaton Group to save a quarter of a million dollars per year

Preventive maintenance is not just a matter of organisation: it also requires knowledge and the efficient handling of gathered information. A suitable thermal imaging camera helps in both of these areas, with an impact which makes itself abundantly clear in the cost-benefit analysis.

Thermography, among other things, reveals and measures heat generation in machines and installations. It visualises overheated components and detects and prevents "creeping" breakdowns. It has become a familiar and accepted technique for preventive maintenance. What is less well known, however, is that the consistent, large-scale use of thermography can yield impressive savings.

The American Eaton Group produces a very wide range of industrial goods worldwide, and has a turnover of 9.8 billion dollars. In Europe, its segments Eaton Fluid Power, Eaton Automotive and Eaton Truck are strongly represented. They focus on various systems and components for vehicles and for the aviation sector: from hydraulic systems for the new Airbus A380 to compressors for the engines of legendary Italian motorcycle maker Ducati. Eaton Electrical manufac¬tures and modifies low- and medium-voltage distributors and installations for industrial customers.

Transformer with Low-Voltage Connection
Transformer with Low-Voltage Connection

Figure 1. Thermogram/photo pair showing hydraulic system

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