FLIR Test & Measurement Instruments Warranty

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Registrations must be complete within 60 days of purchase. Unregistered products are warrantied for 1 year. Contact FLIR 30 Days within defect discovery. The warranty covers product conforming to published product specifications and being free from defects in materials and workmanship. See below for information on specific warranties and products that qualify.

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Global Limited Lifetime Warranty

Qualifying Products: DM9x, IM7x, CM7x, CM8x, MR7x, CM55/57, TA72/TA74, VP5x

Lifetime Coverage is defined by the greater of whichever condition below applies:

  • Seven (7) years after product is no longer made by FLIR
  • Ten (10) years from date of purchase

Example: A customer buys a meter in 2014 and that meter is discontinued in 2023. Since the warranty has not yet reached the 10-year point, the coverage extends all the way to 2030, 7 years from the discontinuation date. The net effect is a 16 year warranty!

FLIR Limited Lifetime Warranty

Global 2 Year & 10 Year Warranties

Qualifying Products: TG16x, MR160, MR176

Product is covered for 2 years, thermal imaging detector is covered for 10 years.

FLIR 2-10 Warranty

Global 2 Year Warranty

Qualifying Products: TA5x, TA6x, TA7x, TA8x, VS70, VSCxx, VSAxx, VST

FLIR 2 Year Warranty

Global 1 Year Warranty

EVA Protective Cases: TA10, TA11, TA12, TA13, MR10
Replaceable Sensors: MR01

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