FLIR Test & Measurement Cases

Safeguard your valuable FLIR T&M instruments with our durable EVA protective case. Stow your FLIR test and measurement gear in a FLIR durable EVA protective case to shield against dirt, dings, and harsh environmental conditions.

  • Custom molded instrument compartment protects tools from extremes
  • Concealed zipper designed for dirt resistance
  • Resilient nylon carry strap
  • Ruggedized rubber pattern non-slip finish
  • 1 Year Warranty

TA10-F - Case  


Made from durable EVA rubber, the TA10-F Protective Case shields against harsh
environmental conditions and damage. Exclusively designed for use with the
FLIR DM92/DM93 Industrial Digital Multimeters, the FLIR TA72/TA74 Universal
Flex Current Probe Accessories, and the FLIR CM55/57 Flexible Clamp Meters
with Bluetooth®.

  • Form-fitting instrument compartment
  • Concealed zipper resists dirt
  • Resilient nylon carry strap
  • Rugged, non-slip finish
  • 1-year warranty

TA10 - Case  


Fits the FLIR DM9x and IM75 series of digital multimeters and accessories.


FLIR TA11 Case  


Fits FLIR CM8x and CM7x series of clamp meters.


FLIR TA12 Case  


Fits your assorted test accessories.


FLIR TA13 Case  


Fits TG165 Spot Thermal Cameras.