FLIR Tools Mobile App

The Free FLIR Wi-Fi App for Apple®, Android™, and Kindle Mobile Devices

FLIR Tools Mobile lets you stream live video to your mobile device from compatible FLIR E-Series* and FLIR T-Series infrared cameras, allowing you to monitor from a distance and show others what the camera is seeing as it happens.

Incorporate images into professional reports using the app. Then send them from the field by email or up to the cloud to customers and co-workers.

*FLIR E40, E50, and E60 infrared cameras



FLIR Tools Mobile allows users to:

  • Import stored images wirelessly
  • Adjust the temperature span and contrast levels
  • Change color palettes
  • Add temperature measurement tools
  • Play back voice comments
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Adjust picture-in-picture, thermal fusion, and IR and visible light image blending
  • Remote control your FLIR infrared camera
  • Support for MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) images
  • Support for sketch images on both IR and visual with toggling ON/OFF feature
  • Support for same FOV (field of view match)
  • Editable text comments
FLIR Tools Mobile sur Apple iPhone

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