FLIR TG54/TG56 Spot IR Thermometers

FLIR TG54 & TG56
Spot IR Thermometers

The FLIR TG54 and TG56 Spot IR (Infrared) Thermometers provide non-contact surface temperature readings so you can quickly and easily take measurements in places that are out of reach. Providing a distance-to-spot ratio of up to 30:1, the TG54 and TG56 can measure smaller targets from a safer distance. New mode options give you control to view your current reading and last two temperature readings simultaneously. The TG54 and TG56 are built with a color screen that makes it easy to navigate and select settings, plus adds visibility and efficiency to the advanced feature set. The TG54 and TG56 are your go-to, pocket-sized devices for efficient temperature measurement.

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Measure smaller targets from a safer distance

Take non-contact measurements in hard-to-reach spots – up to 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio

Easily pinpoint what is hot or cold

Built-in laser targeting helps you easily identify measurement location

Work easily through poor lighting conditions

Powerful LED worklight guides you to your target in poor lighting conditions

Simple to use, easy-to-navigate

Graphical menu structure and color display enable easy access to measurement settings and alarms, and you can view your current reading and last two readings together on one screen

Convenient and rugged design

Durable, industrial design that can withstand a three-meter drop, with a tool-less battery compartment

Thermocouple probe input for measurement flexibility (TG56 only)

View your type K thermocouple temperature measurement, your IR thermometer measurement and the difference between the two on one screen when the thermocouple is inserted.

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