intelliRock Spreadsheets

Temperature Logger Spreadsheets

Mass Pour Spreadsheet (64 bit)

Use this spreadsheet for mass pour or other applications concerned about temperature differentials. This spreadsheet can also be used to plot multiple logger temperature curves on top of each other.

  • Imports intelliRock logger information
  • Plots temperture profiles
  • Calculates and plots temperature gradients
  • Ideal for mass pour and cold weather applications

Maturity Logger Spreadsheets

Concrete Maturity Calibration (64 bit)

Use this spreadsheet to enter your break specimen strengths and associated maturity data to build your mix calibration strength .vs. maturity curve. Comes with a maturity calculator page to enter your design strengths and calculate the equivalent maturity. Also contains a report page for building a strength .vs. time curve for a logger in the field that uses the same mix design.

  • Plots strength-maturity calibration curves
  • Marks critical strength values on strength-maturity chart
  • Imports intelliRock maturity logger information
  • Converts maturity to strength (PSI or MPa)
Calibration Curve Development

Maturity Calibration Curve

Mix calibration curve supports validation
Maturity Calibration Curve

Mix Calibration Data

Enter mix calibration strength and maturity data
Maturity Calibration Batch Data

Logger Report

Maturity logger reports automatically create strength vs time curve and calculates design strength goals as well as age strength goals
Maturity Logger Report

Strength Calculator

Use the strength calculator to calculate maturity for a specified strength or visa versa
Maturity Strength Calculator