PowerBlanketKeep your project going in cold weather

Need to thaw frozen ground? Need to cure concrete when the ambient temperature is 0°F? Need to control the curing of your concrete? Using too much accelerator additive? Call Engius, Problem solved!

  • Protect and Cure Fresh Concrete
  • Thaw Ground
  • Preheat Rebar
  • Heat Surfaces of Mass Concrete Placements

The difference in conventional insulating blankets and the 120V electric powerblanket is significant.  

The powerblanket 120VAC system utilizes new heating technology and is revolutionary in the concrete construction and precast industry. Imagine pouring concrete on ground that has a temperature several degrees above freezing when the outside temperature is between 0 and 30. Now, for the first time, you can control the concrete curing cycle to fit your schedule. The powerblanket allows you to monitor and enhance the rate of curing. Heat drives the curing of concrete, powerblanket gives you control by utilizing the heat from three sources:

  • Ambient and solar heat
  • Heat from hydration
  • Electrical heat

New technology inside the powerblanket spreads heat evenly throughout the blanket eliminating hot or cold spots.

Use powerblankets to control and maintain ideal temperature ranges. They're an easy, inexpensive way to protect your investment – and just as importantly, they allow your construction project or pre-cast operation to continue curing in a timely fashion and on your schedule regardless of the weather.

The following powerblanket models are avilable.

Size Type Power # per outlet
23' x 11' (253 sq ft) Superduty Ground Thawer 20A/2400W 1
23' x 11' (253 sq ft) Curing/Thawing Blanket 10A/1200W 2
25' x 6' (150 sq ft) Superduty Ground Thawer 10.8A/1296W 2
25' x 6' (150 sq ft) Curing/Thawing Blanket 5.4A/648W 4

Each powerblanket comes equipped with a female outlet at one end of the blanket so they can be "chained" together. The "# per outlet" number above is how many can typically be plugged together on a single 20A circuit to cover a large area.

Custom powerblanket sizes can be quickly produced. Call for details!