FLIR Neutrino MWIR Cooled CoreNeutrino

Where SWaP are design constraints, and cost and performance is desired, Neutrino™ is the ideal solution. The Neutrino™ offers FLIR’s latest developments and advancements in image processing, and the resulting image from the 640×512 InSb array is superb!

Weighing in at less than 16 oz (<450 gm) and a steady state power consumption less than 5 watts, it is FLIR’s smallest and lightest weight OEM cooled camera core. The Neutrino™ offers the best performance, the lowest cost, and easiest integration of any MWIR system on the market.

Neutrino Datasheet

Neutrino MWIR Camera Core Features

  • Common Architecture Platform – For existing LWIR integrators you can provide a high performance MWIR solution with ease: Neutrino™ utilizes FLIR's common software architecture and the same SDK, GUI and command protocols as our uncooled Tau and Quark family of LWIR cameras.
  • Advanced Image Processing – The best in the industry: Neutrino™ runs FLIR’s full suite of advanced image processing algorithms such as customizable AGC and Detailed Digital Enhancement (DDE).
  • Customization, Reliability and Support – What you’ve come to expect from FLIR: With an established reputation as the world’s highest volume infrared camera supplier, FLIR is also vertically integrated with deep resources to support volume production programs. The Neutrino™ camera benefits from FLIR’s rich legacy of automotive grade quality and established integrated dewar cooler assembly (IDCA) reliability. FLIR’s Applications Engineering team is available to provide integration assistance and ongoing support.