Custom ROIC Design

FLIR is world-renowned for the ability of its chip designers to densely integrate high-performance analog and digital functionality on a single full-custom CMOS integrated circuit. This unique capability offers tremendous leverage in many applications, for example: 

Custom ROICs
  • Infrared, Visible, UV and X-ray imaging 
  • Aerospace and aviation subsystems and sensors 
  • Automotive sensors 
  • Medical Instrumentation 
  • Telecommunications and data communication products 
  • Industrial automation 
  • Consumer products 

Our full-custom designs are ideal for applications that require high density, high performance and flexibility. When density counts, we hand-place every transistor in a design. Full-custom designs allow seamless integration of analog and digital functions. A-to-D functions, combined with FLIR's expertise in low-noise and low-power design, results in devices that offer advanced functionality, simple interfaces, and low recurring production costs. Visit our Process page  to learn more.

In vision systems, for instance, FLIR is a pioneer in on-pixel processing. Our infrared, visible and X-ray readout devices typically incorporate features such as amplification, sample-and-hold, and gain correction within each detector element. Adjacent pixel averaging, bad pixel replacement, and A/D conversion can be implemented on-chip. 

FLIR has experience in a wide range of technologies and system applications, particularly in the field of infrared vision sensors for aerospace, military, and industrial imaging. Our experience includes designs for high-performance, two-dimensional, cooled and uncooled sensors in both mid (320 x 256) and large-format (640 x 512). We have also designed linear arrays for digital x-ray flat panel systems, as well as scanning sensors.