X-Ray Readout Devices

FLIR offers readout integrated circuits (ROICs) mounted on flex circuits (COFs) for use in flat panel X-ray detector systems. These devices support applications involving general digital radiography, mammography, surgery, fluoroscopy, angiography, tomography, non-destructive testing, and industrial instrumentation.

  • ISC1105 - 256 x 1 channel, 50-micron pitch device, COF available
  • ISC0701 - 128 x 1 channel, 80-micron pitch device
  • Designed for use with Se, CsI, Si, Amorphous Si, GaAs, and CdZnTe detectors
  • Adjustable parameters for integration capacitor selection, low-pass filter time constant, gain, integration mode, ADC resolution, and readout direction
  • Designed for abutting multiple chips to read out large array flat panel X-ray detector panels

An Evaluation Board for FLIR’s 256 x 1 channel ROIC is available to support customer testing of the ROIC and their detector panel.